We'll Call Kanye...

We'll Call Kanye...

He did it again.  Social media is losing its mind.

Kanye knows how to get publicity.  Kanye always has a message.  Kanye would be perfect for our new marketing position.

Listen to him.  He’ll tell you he’s all about ideas.  We’ll get along great because so are we.

I know he recently asked Mr. Facebook for a billion dollars.  That’s not really in our budget, but I think we might be able to come to an agreement.

The purpose of marketing is to get noticed.  That’s kind of his thing.  He would definitely help get IOS noticed.

What can possibly go wrong?

Well, maybe a lot.  Maybe him being the IOS spokesperson isn’t a stellar idea.  Every time you read headlines about him that include “epic”, they almost always also include “rant”.  That kind of marketing we don’t need – it’s not really our style.

What is our style?

More conversation less rant

Conversations reveal individual experiences.  Individual experiences combine in a business to create collective experiences.  That’s where IOS works – innovative, agile ideas for managing information to bring people and processes together.  We can’t tell you who you should be.  We can help you understand what you’re capable of being.  The difference, and it’s important, is that some ideas sound good and others make you better because they are customized to your situation.  You can’t get to there from a monologue.

Smart is cool (and you can never be smart enough)

Cheaper – Faster – More Powerful.  That’s the world we live in and we are totally fine with it.  One of the benefits of our experience is perspective.  We can do what we are good at – helping business do better work by leveraging the power of technology with great ideas – then take the knowledge we gain and build it into the next great idea.  There really isn’t a finish line because the potential to be better is always there.

Confidence in change

To do something new, you have to stop doing something old.  The prevailing fear in developing or improving on a content management strategy is change = loss of control.  That’s especially the case in initial adoptions.  It’s easier to hold on to an inefficient, manual process than take the risk on a more efficient, automated process.  The reality is better information management enhances control.  Better control of time, better control of effort, better control of resources.  We know our work creates value.  We know our discovery-driven process fosters a customized solution design that empowers businesses to do their best work.  Our experience allows us to create with confidence.

That should give Kanye enough to work with.  IOS has a definite style.  Our messaging has to

 match that style.  We really can’t compromise, so if it doesn’t work out, we will go in another direction.  Or, we will try something totally different.

We are not above shameless brand placement.

So, since Kanye also knows fashion, somehow he is able to sell plain, white t-shirts for $120 each, maybe we can get him to walk from his apartment to his car wearing this scarf.

Courtesy of the paparazzi, the photos will circumnavigate the globe in a flash.

We’d like that.

Note: Since scarves are all the rage these days, let us know if you are interested and we will get one out to you.  The real question is “Why wouldn’t you be interested in an IOS scarf?”

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