Using Tablets for Employee Onboarding

Using Tablets for Employee Onboarding

I love a good process improvement story and we recently had a customer approach us with a great idea for just that for their employee onboarding process.   This customer has stores across the US and their existing process was paper intensive, labor intensive, and error prone.  With all the technology options we have today they were sure they could do better and came up with a great concept.For their onboarding process, when they hire a new employee for a store, they have the employee go to that store to fill out all their paperwork.  That paper is then sent to corporate where someone keys all the information into their HR system, follows up on anything that’s missing, and files the documents.  Their new idea – how about instead of filling out a bunch of paper forms, they’re handed a tablet PC.  The tablet then walks them through the process of reading and completing all their paperwork.   As long as it was developed with a super simple interface that guided the employee through each step, they could add technology without piling tech support and software trainer to their store managers work load. 

With this idea, in one step, your new employee is giving you all their data, electronically, ready for import into your HR and content management systems.   

  • You eliminate multiple people touching the same documents.
  • You eliminate paper shuffling and lost documents.
  • You eliminate the delay between when the employee gives you information and when it’s ready to use.
  • You add error proofing to your process. 
  • You eliminate keying and filing tasks freeing your staff to focus on what’s really important.

This type of project is one of the main reasons Imaging Office Systems created their Professional Services Group, to take a customer’s idea and turn it into something real.  

In this case, we got to design a solution that could be molded to match different needs with automation like on the fly conversion of handwriting to text, pushing common data elements to all forms, and output to multiple systems. 

Have your own ideas?  Let us help you develop a solution.

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