Top 5 Things to Look for in an ECM to Integrate with Applitrack

Top 5 Things to Look for in an ECM to Integrate with Applitrack

Applitrack is now considered one of the best ways to review candidates for a position within your organization and to compare and contrast their skill sets. Many companies are using applicant tracking software to minimize the recruitment phase and to ensure the most viable candidates are chosen with precision for each new opening within their organization.

A fundamental challenge in implementing applicant tracking software is ensuring that your enterprise content management (ECM) system is compatible. And so, within this latest post, we’ll explain what to look for in an ECM to have the ideal integration with Applitrack.

1. Mobile Functionality

When evaluating candidates for key positions within your organization, it’s critical you have round-the-clock access to data. Candidates might only have a short window in which they are available and using mobile systems is the best way to ensure you have the information you require on short notice and are ready to analyze and respond to applicants for the position.

2. Configurable Workflows

Each company will have their own unique workflows for the hiring process. The process might involve multiple interview stages, test periods, or training stages through which multiple candidates might be approved. Ensuring you can configure the workflows through an Applitrack integrated ECM solution is the best way to customize the process. Discuss these options with your ECM provider and make sure that the technology can help you form specific workflows that streamline the applicant tracking process.

Another consideration is being able to make changes on the fly. Your hiring process may involve the use of new steps for each new hire; for example, when hiring for multiple position levels, you should be able to customize your workflows for each hiring process.

3. Data Security

What level of data security is provided by the ECM? It’s critical that your applicants’ data is protected as it makes its way through the hiring stages. Ensure that your ECM provides multiple layers of encryption and that any access to the data is protected by several permissions-based systems.

Another element of data security is the training undertaken to use the ECM. Ensure that your staff is easily able to understand what happens to the data when key steps are taken. For example, what happens when you share data with multiple stakeholders across the system? Can they alter the data or is it still under your control through the ECM? Get the answers to these critical security questions before contracting your ECM.

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4. The Time for Integration

When you’re about to begin a hiring process, you might not have the time to install a complex software solution on your network. Some software can take several weeks or months to install safely and securely and then several more weeks for your team to learn it.

When evaluating an ECM and its potential integration with Applitrack, make sure that the integration can be simplified and the process of adaption is in-line with your timeline expectations. You may be able to customize certain elements to minimize the time taken, but any delays could be costly both in terms of your hiring process and the potential reputation of your organization in the industry.

5. Compatibility with Common File Formats

It might seem obvious, but many organizations have gone through the process of choosing an ECM only to fail to consider the file formats compatible within the system. Some ECMs are not compatible with Microsoft Office files, for example, which can then cause downstream issues when candidates are sending files. Don’t waste your time trying to find specific software outside the ECM to open a file.

Your ECM should be compatible with all of the latest files your candidates are using, particularly Adobe PDFs and Microsoft Office Excel and Word documents. A high level of compatibility will save you time in the future and limit the potential for communication issues between your team and potential candidates.


Our experienced professionals at Imaging Office Systems have many years of experience helping clients pinpoint the best ECM for use within their office infrastructure. We understand the technology and the challenges organizations across the educational sector face, and we can work with you to find an ECM that integrates effectively with Applitrack.

Taking the time to speak with us can help ensure your upcoming hiring processes are completed with precision and that your best-qualified candidates can be brought on onboard easily. To learn more about our company and the full range of products we can provide, please call us today.

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