The power of workflow automation

The power of workflow automation

Intelligent capture and workflow automation are the catalysts to supercharge your content management system. Leverage the power of technology to transform your operations.

Expertly created data management solutions are the key to unlocking your organization’s potential. This article is part of The Ultimate Guide to Process Reengineering.

“This will be transformational for our business!”

There’s nothing more satisfying to hear from clients looking to reengineer their content services processes, especially when it proves to be absolutely true.

That quote is precisely what we heard from Larry Emmert, the vice president of operations at Legend Valve, a Michigan-based company that offers more than 9,000 products—valves, fittings, and tubing components for plumbing and hydronic systems—designed for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

As a very large distributor and manufacturer, Legend Valve is extremely well-regarded in the industry. In fact, they were chosen by Dow Chemical as the preferred manufacturer of Dow’s new bimodal resin, Hyper-Therm—a very big deal.

Their reputation is also strengthened by their unique universal guarantee: all orders must ship within 24 hours or clients receive a 5% discount, and if any part of an order is wrong, clients also get 5% credited back. That’s great, but it also means if there are any delays or errors, things get real expensive, real fast.

Stay competitive with workflow automation

Imaging Office Systems worked with Legend Valve to install Hyland OnBase’s content management system and create a custom workflow and intelligent capture process to replace their manual, paper-based order entry process that was strangling them as their business grew.


Before working with Imaging Office Systems, all of Legend Valve’s orders came in by email.

Upon receipt of an order, multiple copies were made (and, as necessary, some orders were edited and printed again) before being sorted into packets prioritized by ship date. Then, the Legend Valve team used these copies as final pick lists to fulfill orders.

Once this process was completed for each order, the information was manually entered into their JDE accounting system and then all the different copies were scanned to ensure that there was a trail to track order changes or edits resulting in Legend Valve scanning some 4,000 pages per week after doing all that printing and copying.


All those emails are auto swept into a folder by the installed intelligent capture software, all the duplicate copying disappeared, the shipments are now automatically prioritized by ship date by the software, the email orders are routed by the workflow for edits needed or not needed, one single copy is printed to use as the pick list, some of the data entry is automated into JDE but anything remaining is done from electronic image.

Oh, and all that scanning of 4,000 pages a week? History. Misplaced paper orders on various desks awaiting review? Also history.

What’s the word, what’s the word? Oh, yeah … transformational.

How did they do it again?

Workflow automation: the cornerstone of process reengineering


  1. Make content services intelligent capture responsible for assembling and categorizing your orders.
  2. Enable content services workflows to automate every decision point possible.
  3. Eliminate 90% of all your printing and copying.

Technology alone doesn’t make business better. That’s exactly why we believe that it’s the ideas that matter—and, it’s with an idea that business transformation can begin.

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