Snow White and Speed Writing

Snow White and Speed Writing

The new IOS video uses whiteboard animation, a form or technique that you cannot not watch. You might remember an older UPS commercial where a hand is diagramming on an easel in hyper speed. I think the reason it is so addictive to the eye is that we all intrinsically love to see progress sped up.

Even today kids love to see Disney’s animated Snow White quickly clean up the messy Dwarves’ house with the help of woodland creatures. In the film "Limitless" Bradley Cooper transforms his pig sty of an apartment into something presentable, assisted only by sped up time and, oh yeah, a miracle drug. But the message is the same: progress is nice but transformation in sped up time is awesome.

Could you do a time lapse accomplishment film on, say, re-inventing a business process? It’s not the sexiest thing in the world but then again neither is a filthy apartment. I think you could.

You would see a lot of bodies, a lot of cubicles, a lot of paper. You would wonder why they all looked frustrated and why there were so many of them. You would see a lot of shuffling of documents, a lot of e-mails and phone calls about where this or that invoice or sales order is. Occasional heroes and villains would emerge but mostly they would be faceless – trapped in a broken system, with a get me out of here vibe.

Until… the hand on the easel transforms them in hyper speed; then you would see filing cabinets and paper stacks disappear, close ups on invoices or sales orders sailing from one workstation to the next, approved and completed. You would notice fewer cubicles, people actually looking happier, commerce occurring.

Speed drawing is not real life but what it shows is. What it depicts is also not the future, it is the present. Companies are doing this every day. Not in hyper time but with our help they are doing it more quickly than you imagine; not even real time but what IOS calls “Fast Time.” Their process improvements are so vivid that you cannot not watch.

That is the movie that IOS makes. For a list of our previous screen credits we are only too happy to share. Talk to us.

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