Skyward SIS and Document Management Means a Total Solution

Skyward SIS and Document Management Means a Total Solution

School administration teams across the country are now looking for ways to consolidate their work processes and improve efficiency. Achieving this level of workflow is a growing challenge with the increasing amount of data at an educational leader’s disposal. And so, it’s important to find a document management solution that enables drive data access while allowing for greater control over all operations.

Our team has decades of experience on the development side of document management, and in this post, we’ll explain how Skyward SIS and FileBound integrate to drive working efficiency in K-12 schools.

Skyward Delivers Data, FileBound Supports Action

Placing actionable data in the hands of teaching resources is the best way to ensure students achieve their educational goals and to monitor that each student receives the support they require.

Skyward SIS provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions, but processing and organizing the sheer volume of data can still be difficult. FileBound is an essential addition to the educator’s work process because it promotes decisive action based on the data within Skyward SIS. For example, FileBound will link all relevant documents to a student’s profile within Skyward SIS, ensuring you don’t have to search and spend time trying to find the data you need.

Allocate Resources More Effectively

One of the key challenges many educational teams face is using resources efficiently and ensuring their teams have the information they need regarding vendors and other relevant parties when making key decisions for their facility.

Integrating Skyward SIS and FileBound helps eliminate many of the roadblocks within the decision-making process. For example, when choosing vendors for classroom equipment, you can click through the various companies in Skyward SIS and FileBound will link the relevant pricing details and contact information for the company. That allows for a direct comparison between the vendors and limits wasting time and resources while making a decision.

Adding New Documents is Simple

The intuitive performance of FileBound makes it one of the most effective document management solutions for use with Skyward SIS. It’s never been easier to add documents to your network. You simply have to scan the document and then select where within FileBound you would like the document to be saved.

A key advantage in this process is that it helps eliminate the paper copies of the numerous documents within your office. No longer will you have to go through thousands of pieces of paper to find the information you need. You’ll have instant access to a searchable database for keyword queries. It’s your very own integrated search engine for use with Skyward SIS.

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A Three-Tiered Storage System

To help organize the massive amount of data within your Skyward SIS, FileBound software is designed with a three-tiered storage system. This system streamlines both the organization of data and the process of searching for the information you need. The three tiers are:


 Projects include the topic related to your data search. For example, potential projects might include students or vendors.


 Separators refer to the nature of your data query. For example, potential separators might include health, admissions, or academic records.


 Dividers are the subsets of separators. For example, if you searched for academic records within separators, you might find report cards and teacher comments within the dividers section.

Customize Documents Simply within FileBound

Another great benefit of FileBound is it makes it easy to edit your Skyward SIS documents. For example, you can add sticky notes to specific vendor information within the system so that you can record any additional information that might have been gained over the phone or via email.

Maintain Strict Data Control

One of the key elements that makes integrating FileBound with Skyward SIS so successful is that it helps educational leaders maintain strict control over their data. You can control who sees the data within each version of the documents you use, ensuring that all student and teacher information is secure and helping your school to abide by strict data protection laws in your area.

It’s a commitment to complete data control that is now helping boost productivity in school offices throughout the country. FileBound’s integration with Skyward SIS can help you consolidate costs and make more effective decisions within your working role. It’s the ideal time to review the benefits this program can offer. To learn more about FileBound and the program’s integration with Skyward SIS, call Imaging Office Systems today.

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