Your old-school document management is costing you

Your old-school document management is costing you

This post is part of Reducing Paper: The Ultimate Guide to Storage, Scanning, and Document Management Software.

How being stuck in the past is costing you time, money, and productivity.

Remember when you drove to the bank, filled out a deposit slip, and handed a teller your money to add to your savings account?

Now the process is digital and efficient. Your paychecks get automatically deposited without you lifting a finger. Or you can take a photo of a check and upload it right from your phone.

Speaking of photos, remember when you brought your film canister to the drug store and waited a week to pick up your 24 prints, hoping the majority would turn out decent?

This process too has become digital and more efficient: You can immediately see countless photos on the same device you used to take them. Who needs prints?

Remember when your accounts receivable and accounts payable teams sent and received invoices by mail, processed them by hand, walked them over to a manager for approval, and physically filed them in a cabinet?

Now, of course, your entire system is digital and efficient. It's all automated and you are saving tons of time and money. Amirite?

Wait, what do you mean? You're still doing it the old way?

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Document management software: the future has arrived

If you are still using paper-based systems from last century, then IOS would like to welcome you to the future. In fact, we'd like to bring you there.

Consider how much you're spending, in salaries and time, for staff to manually handle invoices—or any other type of form, transcript, application, or claim, for that matter. Workers are doing all of this by hand:

  • keying in data
  • processing
  • routing
  • filing
  • mailing

It's not just the time and money: consider your susceptibility to human error.

By scanning your forms and using document management software to capture the data in them, you could automate the entire system. Invoices could be processed automatically—without a clerk doing a thing. It could take minutes rather than hours or even days.

In other words, you could process more documents in less time—without requiring additional staff. Investing in data capture software quickly produces a positive ROI and a lower per-document processing cost. You’d see serious savings that contribute to your organization's fiscal health by boosting profits.

This kind of data management eliminates costs, time, and mistakes.

The digital workplace: you basically have to do it

So your old school, manual habits are costing you.

Just as banks used technology to create a more efficient and productive system, just as digital photography changed our concept of immediacy, the ways we do business are changing, too. To not keep up means to be left behind. It's time to move toward a digital workplace—and reap the benefits.

IOS can make it happen, at a lower cost than you'd think. In fact, we helped both Crate and Barrel and OmniSource Corporation achieve game-changing results.

Contact us to see how we can bring you into the future.

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