Satisficer or Maximizer?

Satisficer or Maximizer?

Love the concept.  Totally wish I had come up it.

I read about it in a Time magazine article written by Aziz Ansari.

The article was about relationships and it references a Psychology professor’s work that divides people into two groups - people who satisfy and then settle (Satisficers) v people who are always looking to improve (Maximizers).

Business are made of up of people, so it isn’t a wonder that businesses behave similarly.

Closer to home, our experience tells us that the distinction captures how businesses approach their content management challenges – pitch perfectly.

From a content management perspective, whether you are a Satisficer or a Maximizer hinges on two key things: how you see change and your relationship with technology.

For as long as IOS has been in the content management business (and it’s been a long time), our nemesis has always been the Satisficer.  To them, change is hard.  Technology is expensive and unpredictable.  They can tolerate inefficiency.

No business sets out to be a Satisficer.  A strategic delay here, a rationalization there and next thing you know, your systems and processes today look remarkably similar to the way they did in 2008.  You can’t believe it because back in the glory days you were great.  Time passes and it is easier to settle for a workaround or manual process to make your business go than to evolve.  You go a few years without any upgrades.  Now you have an old, costly information management system supported by an army of people working too hard to maintain and compensate for its deficiencies.  The leap into the 21st century seems unthinkable.

Maximizers, on the other hand, know technology is constantly changing the way people work, so to not take advantage of the new waves of advancement doesn’t make sense. The status quo is their kryptonite.  Maximizers see technology as an investment, not a cost.  To them, the cost is in not adopting.  Instead of focusing on limitations, they search for opportunities.  They see complacency as ultimately debilitating.

So here’s the thing, wherever your business is on the spectrum, there is a chance to improve.  That’s good news.  Technology creates opportunity.  Expertise and creativity make opportunities reality.

So here’s another thing, IOS can help no matter which camp you’re in.  That’s better news.  IOS is agile enough to be just as valuable to the Satisficer as to the Maximizer.  In fact, some of our strongest relationships started with a Satisficer customer who transformed themselves into a Maximizer.

That long-arc development is important to IOS because we’ve seen the transitions in the content management world.  We know it’s a process.  We know there will always be new challenges as the information needs of business evolve and technological capabilities expand.

Two other things we know: great, creative ideas never go out of style and experience isn’t a commodity.

Those – we’ve maximized.

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