Remember - Don't Relive

Remember - Don't Relive

“Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe closet?”

The Breakfast Club was re-released in theaters.

“Screws fall out all the time.  The world’s an imperfect place.”

It’s been 30 years since it came out.  Even though we’ve both seen it dozens of times, my wife and I still went to watch it on the big screen.  Not because we expected something different to happen – more for the nostalgia of it.

Remember where you’ve been.  Think about how far you’ve come. Be happy you don’t have to go back.

The best part was we could watch the movie in a 2015 theater – with better sound and more comfortable seats, and when it was over it was over, and – it wasn’t 1985 again.  The movie featured a K-Car and a 3x5 index card library catalog.  Pretty common in 1985, viewed through today’s lense, they both feel totally out of place.

Not that everything today is the very best whatever ever, but how many things do we have today that we would trade for the 20 or 10 or 5 year old version of itself?  Technology exists, we should use it.  It’s foolish to hang onto the past too tightly.

Hopefully, when you look at your business, you don’t see your 2005-self or your 2000-self, or worse.

Truth is – you might, especially if you are managing today’s information demands with some version of yesterware.  You’re putting your business at a competitive disadvantage if you aren’t hyper-diligent at managing the systems that provide you the information you use to manage your business.

Technology changes the world so fast, the longer you stand still, the farther behind you get.  Yesterware is at best a crutch, at worst an illusion.  Yesterware drains you of time and efficiency and happiness.  Yesterware denies you what’s possible.  Yesterware is what you settle for.

You can’t measure your critical business processes in days anymore.  No one has that much patience.  It’s wrong to create positions for people as work-arounds to your system’s limitations.  There is less tolerance for inefficiency today than ever before.  You’re not being proactive if because the support for your aging systems is limited, you have well-practiced, documented procedures for how to do business in the event of extended system down-time.  In an on-demand world, 99.5% up-time feels intolerable.

What’s the solution?  Finding a partner who knows content management, who understands process automation and who can deliver customized solutions customers really need to help them function in the information-centric world.

Expertise, creativity, agility.  IOS is that partner.

Our work doesn’t go out of style.

Preserving the Past.  Improving the Present.  Shaping the Future.

That’s IOS

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