Not Just Another Day

Not Just Another Day

It’s Monday.  It’s the day after the Super Bowl.  And, if you live in the Midwest, it’s the third day of a marathon snowstorm.

That’s a lot to deal with on even a normal day.  Today isn’t a normal day.

It’s Groundhog Day.

I’m not sure today is a “holiday”, but all the pomp and circumstance give it that vibe.  For whatever reason, it has a special-day feel.

It might be because it refreshes our outlook.  It could be that we anticipate better things to come – new beginnings.  Maybe it’s just the thrill of the big reveal.

While I am sure you waiting with bated-breath to hear verdict on winter, (no pressure, Phil, but winter better be over soon), we also have news.

IOS is excited to announce the creation of the IOS Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Effective January 2015, IOS began the process of becoming an employee owned company.

Since its start in the 70’s, IOS has occupied a unique place in the business landscape.  By embracing the power of evolving technology, IOS has been a thought leader in information management – since before information management was even really a thing.

And while a lot has changed at IOS in five decades, two things haven’t – the belief that technology doesn’t make business better by itself – that it’s the idea that matters.  We’ve proven that our brand of communication, creativity, agility and expertise elevate performance.  And, the exceptional talents of its employees give IOS a platform to deliver on that belief.

The ESOP is the next, exciting chapter in the IOS story – the natural extension of who we are and what we do.

Your relationship with IOS has always been with the people – not the Company.  We prefer it that way.  Now more than ever, the people and the Company are the same.

That’s IOS – an employee-owned company.

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