More Confessions of a Salesaholic

More Confessions of a Salesaholic

In both our personal and professional lives, we all have pet peeves.  Sometimes, we find they duplicate themselves in each world, like when someone interrupts or leaves the toilet seat up.  Clearly, manners should be paramount in any environment.  Likewise, when someone uses a cliché – one that the listener rolls their eyes mid-sentence as it is being spit out in the form of an unintentional insult – the pet peeve list grows longer.  “We’ll go from there” is a classic line that, if I’m being honest, both sides in a sales process utter way too frequently.  The client/prospect will say this to a Sales rep to get them off the phone or out of their office STAT; the Sales rep will say this to a client/prospect when they either don’t know what to do next or don’t want to put the time in to do it.  Why, when we know we are being blown off, do we allow it?  If we truly care, why can’t we call a “cliché foul” on the other person right then and there?

Typically, I find my prospects will try to tell me “we’ll go from there” because they do not want to be burdened by another project.  They do not have the time, energy, staff, or desire at that point in time to investigate an ECM, conversion, or backlog scanning initiative.  Not in any particular order, but here’s what comes to mind when I hear this:

  1. Where exactly is “there?”
  2. Why don’t you want to make your process easier and save money doing it?
  3. You realize that I realize you’re blowing me off, but because I care and believe (actually know but immodesty is also a pet peeve of mine…as is hypocrisy) we can help, I will do whatever it is you have deemed “there” and remind you when it is done so that we can laugh about the cliché foul later.

The statement is really one of timing since the subtext of “we’ll go from there” is… I know I need this, I would like to look into it but can’t do it presently, and I would like to not feel badly about it so I need to be done talking to you now.  I have many customers that have in fact purchased an ECM after years (as in 10 – you know who you are) of waiting on the perfect time to “go from there.”  Resoundingly, the question after implementation is always, “Why in the world did we wait this long?  We can’t even remember how we used to do it.”

The problem is, much like when we try to map out the perfect time in our adult lives to have children, there isn’t one.  There will always be another project, another goal, another idea, another cliché.  Yet, as those are occurring, so is the creation of more content.  The same manual process is still occurring.  Company growth is (hopefully) still occurring. 

Instead of habitually using the “we’ll go from there” cliché the next time a Salesperson calls, I think it wise to remember what Confucius first said, “No matter where you go, there you are.”  It’s how you get from here to there that matters.  And we can help.

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