Meet George Jetson...

Meet George Jetson...

OK, so the Jetsons never arrived and are way overdue. That is unfortunate. On the other hand, Mad Max and roving gangs are not out there ready to do unspeakable things for cans of gasoline, so we have that going for us. The two show biz versions of the future, predicted decades ago are both seemingly missing in action. Yet…The future is both here and it’s not. Your iPhone talks to you but your filing cabinet does not. It might  make a mechanical squeak complaint of too much weight and paper wedged in but that doesn’t count

But through process automation our clients’ present must look like the future to so many companies.

Depending on where you are at, your future is someone else’s past, your present is someone else’s future. This is true for people, for countries and societies (the easiest to picture) but it is especially true for companies and corporations. Of course now people and corporations are legally one and the same and no, I am not going there.

This is where I am going:  how can similar and seemingly effective companies differ so much on how in the “present” or what some would say in the “future” they want to be.  Maybe it is culture, maybe it is budget or a bad taste left over from a technology project that boondoggled in 1982, I don’t know.

Clients who have automated their paper processes with document imaging and forms recognition really can be the Jetsons, happily cruising over the barren post-Australian landscape from high altitude looking down on Mad Max gangs, as they hold out and battle the future… “I will give up this paper invoice when you take it out of my cold dead hand” or something like that.

Maybe we all get the “Future / Present” we need. Maybe you and your company have the luxury of time, the luxury of being slow that other companies do not. Maybe… The only end game here is time; moving beyond ‘time is money” (true but overused to the point of being meaningless) because if you can create time by removing the wasting of time you have done an amazing thing.

 Your present can be your competitor’s future…not a bad place to be.

“Meet George Jetson…”

Take a look at how some other companies have make their present look like the future.

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