It's the Idea, Stupid

It's the Idea, Stupid

It was “the economy”.

Not anymore.

With new candidates announcing their intentions to run for the presidency almost daily, the drumbeat is growing louder about the importance of ideas.  In their announcements, almost all of them talk about the need for new ideas - that our future depends on new ideas – about how our country can’t solve new problems with old ideas.  Since the field is about 100, that’s a lot of talk about ideas.

“It’s the idea that matters.”

I think I’ve heard that somewhere before.  Sure would look good on a button.

Whatever the politics, the presidential hopefuls are right about ideas.  So is IOS.

Suppose for a second….…IOS was a candidate.

Everything you are looking for to select the next leader of the free world in one place: experience and a proven record of success, creative and fearless thought leadership in a constantly changing environment, and an agile, discovery-driven model that helps solve problems you don’t even know you have.

Sounds presidential doesn’t it?  Leadership looks the same in any arena.

Back to what we do best – content management.

Our unique combination of intelligent records management, document conversion services and integrated information systems with expert professional services builds something that works now and that will adapt to the future. Great ideas that create value never goes out of style.

A vision for the future of content management: expertise, creativity and agility.

That’s IOS2016.

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