IOS Expands into the St. Louis Market:  Delighted but not "Excited"

IOS Expands into the St. Louis Market:  Delighted but not "Excited"

It is very difficult for a technology company to decide when it is the right time to expand into a new geographic area. There are a lot of considerations; the primary one being does that new market really need our products, services, skill-sets and whatever passes for our somewhat questionable brand of charisma.

After considering this for over two years; monitoring our growing client base in the St Louis area despite not having a physical presence there, taking stock of the companies that are there already who kinda -sorta do what we do, it was decided that now was as good a time as any.

What also helped tremendously was that we knew an individual who has been active in that space for years and years. Someone who had long term relationships with clients that we could help, who knew specifically what was lacking from existing St Louis providers in terms of offerings. So we happily brought David Nemerov on-board as of June 10th.

The other piece was pure geography. St Louis is an exact equidistant destination between our offices in Indianapolis and in Kansas City. This now neatly links our offices, a veritable Chisholm Trail dotted with IOS document imaging outposts.

 I can safely use the Chisholm Trail analogy because no one I know actually remembers from their history class where the Chisholm trail really was. And no fair Wikipedia’ing it – that only cheapens the discourse.

However, I won’t say we are “excited” because that word is so overused in business communication today that is now officially white noise. As in “we are excited by the opportunities that being that being taken over in a hostile takeover brings, we are excited by the challenge of emerging from bankruptcy, we are excited  that you care enough about our new software release  that you have found over 500 bugs and counting in the first 30 days alone …enough. That word is dead to me.

No, I won’t say excited but I will say that we are delighted  to be in St Louis and are anxious to discuss our imaging systems, our Professional Services, our document scanning, our post modern and unique approach to hard copy storage. Delighted?  Absolutely.

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