Imaging Office Systems Works Hard for You from Home, Office and Road

Imaging Office Systems Works Hard for You from Home, Office and Road

Imaging Office Systems has been in business for nearly 50 years. The only way that we have been able to adapt, change and continue to bring the latest technologies is through our most valuable asset. Our people. 

We have seen the evolution of technology from automated file folder systems to the PC to Cloud Enterprise Management Systems. We wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU to our MVPs and show you how our people are getting work done in 2020. We all have an "office" where we do our best work. Here is our staff's....

Connor Burgess Work
Connor Burgess, Data Management Executive

Indy Lab Staff Work 2020Indianapolis, Indiana Lab Staff

Indy Lab Staff Work 2 2020
Indianapolis, Indiana Lab Staff

DamienDamien Dugan, Driver

Rochelle Williams- wfh
Rochelle Williams, Special Projects Manager

Heather, Lab Staff Columbia City, IN

Barry Carr work
Barry Carr, National Sales Manager

Marissa, Lab Staff Columbia City, IN

Zahoor Hasson work
Zahoor Hasson, Professional Services Group

Toni, Lab Staff Columbia City, IN

Jenn Rudzena_Work
Jenn Rudzena, Enterprise Content Management Consultant 

Bill Stewart work
Bill Stewart, Digital Transformation Specialist

karen pleming work
Karen Pleming, Administrative Assistant

Carrie Sue Bowman work
Carrie Sue Bowman, Lab

Derek Thomas work
Derek Thomas, Enterprise Content Management Sales

Russ Mellnick
Russ Melnick, Systems Engineer

Denise Amato- wfh
Denise Amato, Lab

Scott Neal workScott Neal, Solutions Engineer

Tom Giffin work
Tom Giffin, Enterprise Content Management Sales

Tim Byrne work-1
Tim Byrne, Digital Transformation Specialist

Joyce White work
Joyce White, Content Management Specialist

Angie Mock work
Angie Mock, Data Management Specialist

John Schrader, Director of Cloud Services and Information Technology

Ben Risinger workBen Risinger, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

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