How to Google Search an Idea...

How to Google Search an Idea...

If you are looking for a copy machine or a temp agency, or even where to send records for box storage (as in anywhere other than Iron Mountain) you are usually pretty good to go for search terms.

Things, devices, phone systems, and other common services are relatively easy to find and the search terms practically suggest themselves.  But how do you search when you know what you need– but you don’t know exactly what to call it?

Services are a little more nuanced than copiers or storing boxes – services like workflow and process automation or re-engineering, getting a "paperless office" like the company your brother in-law works at, and replacing all that with scanned images.  Utilizing optical character recognition or AI to process invoices…developing electronic forms for Human Resources, having a company help you manage your compliance audits of whatever hellish regulations you operate under.

What is the Google search for that? Cause I guarantee you would not know most of those terms and why should you?

Now, imagine that you actually work for a company – a pretty well- known company – that actually offers those things and you can’t figure how someone would specifically search for these products and services either.

The irony of actually providing these products and services and still not being able to fully predict, identify, and quantify the search terms that people use to find you is not lost on us I assure you.

In searching you might Google “getting rid of paper” but you are unlikely to type “document imaging system with workflow approvals” or any number of specific identifiers. The search terms for what we do are just not well known enough to be agreed on and known by the biz community at large:  Below are some common, but lost in the industry terms:

I know what you are thinking so allow me… “Hey IOS, if you are so good at this and have been doing it a long time why don’t you have a better handle on this?

The answer is dumb but true.

The terms that describe what IOS has done in installing over 500 document Imaging Systems, in scanning over 7,000,000 images a month for a diverse client base, in running a very capable Professional Services Group that does everything from consulting to design to system integrations to completely customized projects…the terms are mostly all Industry terms, language that is not super widely known to civilians,  inside baseball language if you will…

So let’s say you want to do with IOS this year what Russell Stover, Cook Medical, Bayer, Bissel, Simmons – Serta Bedding, IKEA, Crate and Barrell, countless Banks, Credit Unions, Schools, Local and State Governments, GE Aircraft, Berry Global…have done with us in automating their business processes with Document Imaging and yes, getting rid of paper…let’s just say you wanted to do that or even hear about it.

How would you search for us?  I’ll give you a dollar if you tell me.

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