Digital transformation: go paperless with scan to zero

Digital transformation: go paperless with scan to zero

This post is part of Reducing Paper: The Ultimate Guide to Storage, Scanning, and Document Management Software.

How you can eliminate box storage without spending a penny more

Do you have too many disorganized piles of paper lingering around your office instead of stored securely? Worried about what will happen do your important documents if there’s a natural disaster like a flood, tornado, fire, or hurricane?

Or, maybe you have your documents kept in secure off-site storage, but you are tired of writing never-ending monthly checks for their storage (not to mention the myriad of extra charges for file retrievals)?

Trying to figure out your monthly itemization is never simple. A typical Iron Mountain file request bill can have as many as five charges when your boxes go back and forth. And, the bills have all the clarity of a typical hospital bill. But, is there an alternative option  to storing on-site or with a box storage vendor like Iron Mountain? There is, and this efficient, more secure, and less expensive solution is known as “scan to zero.”

download reducing paper ebookWhat is scan to zero?

Scan to zero is a startlingly simple document conversion program. Imaging Office Systems takes your complete monthly spend on storage and retrievals with Iron Mountain or any off-site document storage center and defines that as your monthly scanning budget. If you are paying $3,000 monthly, you will continue to pay $3,000 per month until all of your the paper files you are storing get scanned. You are not paying a dime more per month more, and you are solving your too much paper problem with a modern twist on records management.

Eventually you will get down to zero paper documents, hence the catchy name: scan to zero.

We don’t charge you for the transportation of the records. It's free. And, your document storage while we are getting you down to zero paper documents is free, too. We also provide a generous amount of free retrievals per month during the process so you can still get access to the data and information that you need.

What you are paying now is what you will pay going forward. We will credit back to you any penalty fees charged by your current record center over the length of the conversion. Your cost for the scanning will be provided on a per box basis so you can stay on top of your schedule and know your progress getting to zero and paperless every month.

That’s scan to zero in a nutshell.

Frequently asked questions

Don't just take our word for it. Learn what others are asking about the scan to zero program, and how IOS addresses their concerns.

I love the idea of being able to leave Iron Mountain, but we don’t have an imaging system to store the scanned images. Can we still use scan to zero?

Yes, you can. The images can be delivered on drives that you can attach to your network with the scanned images in standard formats, such as renamed PDFs.

What if we still have file requests while your team is scanning your way through all our boxes?

Not a problem. IOS will retrieve the files you need, and we will send them to your team via a secure portal as a digital file within four business hours, no doubt faster than you are currently experiencing for paper requests.

I do not have records in a commercial record center, but have a huge file room that is overflowing. I also have records stored in other less secure areas, like our basement. I would like to use scan to zero, but how would that work? 

It would work the same except that the monthly scanning amount would be agreed upon based on some reasonable cost metric of your current internal storage costs. This monthly budget number would then be the scanning spend per month until we take you to zero. If your records are in filing cabinets, IOS can come in and box, label, and pick-up your records.

I love the idea, but have a small overworked records management department and I am not sure that I can take the time to get this going. Just exactly how time consuming is it to get started and manage a scan to zero project?

We totally understand, but please know that your involvement can be very minimal. Once you have notified your record center that xxx number of boxes are leaving, we’ll take it from there. IOS will arrange the pick-up of your boxes, categorize them either by box label or using any data you may have, and then present suggestions for your review on the most efficient way to scan and index the records. Once that decision is made, IOS will create a small acceptance delivery with a statement of work showing you exactly what your documents look like scanned and indexed with the agreed metadata to make sure you are happy. That’s it.

I have thousands of boxes so the scan to zero process could take years based on my monthly budget. All my boxes would be stored for free during this process? Is the storage secure?

As long as you are in the scan to zero program, your boxes would be stored at no charge for as long as it takes in a secure commercial box storage facility that currently houses over 50,000 boxes. Some scan to zero clients find additional budget dollars during the program, and when this happens it can speed up the completion.

I have 500 boxes in Iron Mountain so I’m intrigued by this idea. But, my concern is that I know for a fact that a small group of my boxes legally cannot be destroyed.

We see this a lot and it’s not a problem. We will decide on whether it makes sense to scan the boxes that cannot be destroyed. If there is no compelling reason to scan, we will simply store them but at a far less expensive cost metric than you are experiencing now.

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Scan to zero is pure digital transformation. It is a solution that will provide needed information directly into your knowledge worker’s hands instead of have it sit on a dusty shelf (and, as an added bonus, at the same time, it will help you escape monthly box storage fees will never end).

So again: without spending one cent more, you can get to where you spend nothing. Zero.

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