Are You Smart?

Are You Smart?

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”   F. Scott Fitzgerald

Great Gatsby! He was on to something.

To be clear, he was not talking about multi-tasking.  Being able to brush your teeth and send a text at the same time isn’t that big a deal.  The multi-tasking myth is a topic for a different day – you know, how it’s possible to give your undivided attention to two things at the same time.  I feel silly just typing that.  Even though some people think that’s still a thing, he was after something much bigger.

Was F. Scott right?  Yes.  How do I know?  Here’s how. IOS has been working with intelligent people on the duality of information management for more than 40 years – and changing things for the better.

Continuously improving the way a business manages its information takes a special perspective.  In trying to solve information management issues, businesses are dealing simultaneously with:

Status quo maintenance v. transformational vision

Current systems and processes require much support.  Good employees are not being properly utilized.  Managers are challenged with increasing expectations and shorter deadlines.  Not enough time to get everything they have to get done.

And this:

Technology is creating opportunities at a ridiculous pace.  Automation of routine tasks frees good employees to maximize their potential.  Businesses that control information effectively can dictate change and predict what’s next.  Not enough time to get everything they want to get done.

One foot in present (or worse, the past) and one foot towards the future.

For most of the organizations struggling with that problem, the problem is problem enough.  It’s here, it’s growing and it’s obvious to everyone.  Add the problem of finding a partner to be the guide to improvement and the challenge seems paralyzing.

At IOS, we’re smart and we’ve never been afraid of a challenge.  We believe our experience, creativity and agility give us a not-to-be-duplicated perspective on managing information.  Regardless of industry, technical sophistication, or magnitude of the project, we know the most valuable thing we can offer is the power of our expertise.

Special challenges require special people to make special efforts to develop special solutions.

That’s IOS

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