21st Century Makeover

21st Century Makeover

Labor Day needs a makeover.

For a long time, the discussion feels like it has focused on quantity.  There is an unhealthy fascination with being able to talk about how much we work.

Near and dear to our hearts at IOS is the subject of work – except our focus has always been on making it easier.

We think quality is where it’s at.  Work smarter and more efficiently - not more.

We have been singularly focused on content management for a long time – 40+ years, and surprisingly, we find the greatest aversion to embracing content management is businesses having to abandon outdated, inefficient routines.  In an effort to gain more control over everything, they have created smothering processes that stifle progress, and they can’t escape.  Even though they aren’t happy, businesses are more content to do nothing and be mediocre than to change and improve.  It is easier to be more afraid of succeeding than stagnating.

Those businesses will keep right on performing uninspiring, badly designed tasks.  Sadly, they will work harder and longer and get less satisfaction for their effort.

Sounds wonderful, right?

They don’t realize the transformational power technology + great ideas create.

IOS does.

What we do at IOS is just as much about working smart today as it is about being positioned to work smarter tomorrow.  Satisfy today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.  Everything we do and everything we have ever done is centered on information management:  document conversion - content management systems - intelligent records storage - custom development.  Expert.  Creative. Agile.  Real solutions for real work challenges.

I think I will write President O about changing the name of the 1st Monday in September.  He changed the name of a mountain, certainly he could consider this.

How about IOS Day?

You’ll never think about work the same again.

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