True Facts

True Facts

Seems redundant, I know. You shouldn’t have to qualify what a fact is, but those seem to be the times we’re living in.

Facts are facts – except when you want to believe something different.

In Mad Men, one of Don Draper’s more memorable lines is “If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.” Very convenient.

Hello, alternative facts!

Problem is, alternative facts can only get you so far. True facts win the day eventually.

Embrace alternative facts at your own risk.

At IOS, one of our biggest (and most frequent) frustrations is the reluctance of business to embrace content management as an integral tool for competing in the digital economy. The emerging digitalization of the workplace demands a comprehensive content management strategy. Ignoring that fact is dangerous.

Still, we talk to businesses every day that convince themselves they are immune from the digital push. They don’t believe they have a need to automate core back-end, document-intensive processes. They don’t see the benefits of taking advantage of intelligent information capture technology. They don’t see the value integrating mission critical systems.

The resistance is puzzling.

At IOS, if we hadn’t seen the extensive benefits a comprehensive content management system provides, we could understand operating within the comfort of the status quo.

We have, so we can’t.

The true facts are that business is digital. Automation isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. A collaborative workplace is a requirement. Information is currency. Harnessing the power of technology to bring all of that together takes experience, creativity and agility.

IOS is in its fifth decade of leading businesses in their digital transformation. We were doing it before that was even a thing. That’s what being a leader is about. Understanding the environment, seeing opportunity and championing right action - creating an environment that removes barriers to businesses being their its best selves.

That’s IOS.

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