Turn a mountain into a molehill with smart document management

Turn a mountain into a molehill with smart document management

I Am Paying This to Store What?

You know those movies where the lovable but shambolic hero of the movie throws a messy stack of receipts on his nerdy accountant’s desk assuming a favorable income tax filing will magically emerge?

Oh, Hollywood...

Life ain’t like that. But what if it was?

Your current document management system is not working

Close your eyes and imagine all the boxes your company is storing at Iron Mountain or your own filing rooms, then consider this: of all those boxes, how many do you really need and how much is it costing you.

The problem is identification and removal. Are you still imagining? Remove the boxes that are past their retention date. Remove the boxes that should never have been stored in the first place. And even remove the boxes with permanent retention because you have digital document management. Imagine the look on your boss’ face as you tell him you have a cost-effective, sharable, secure document solution. Now imagine the corner office you’ll be sitting in because you saved the company millions.

You know what does work? Document conversion

Imaging Office Systems will audit your stored documents and provide a summary document with enough information that you will be able to categorize the boxes as: shred, store, or scan.

  • Shred – paying to keep information longer than legally required is both a waste of money and an unnecessary legal exposure.
  • Store – some documents still need to be stored, but we’ll provide you with an effective date of destruction. And, you might find you can store them someplace with a less expensive approach. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.
  • Scan – if a document is categorized for extremely long-term retention, we’ll scan it. Why pay to store them in perpetuity?

I get it. You’re thinking that you would have done this years ago, if you had the bodies to go thru all your stored documents and create the report so you could make an informed decision. Now you do.

IOS calls it Data Acquisition. But it's pronounced Hallelujah.

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