Say What?

Say What?

I know – don’t shoot the messenger.

Can’t help it. I don’t know how I stumbled on this article, but I did.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported on a story about Florida spending a ton of dollars on private attorney fees. Typical government waste story. No big deal, right?


A spokesman for the Florida Attorney General said this when pressed for a detailed explanation on the State’s legal spending, "We do not have that information and are unaware of a way to capture expenditures for the purchase of outside legal services that would not entail an exhaustive search of documents."

Take out the politics, forget the players involved. Look what he said.

We don’t have the information – We are unaware of way to capture the information – Finding information is exhausting.

Huh? They spend $50 million per year. They have no information? Think that’s a problem?

Here’s the thing – they do have information and there is a way to capture the information accurately and efficiently.

Not understanding that must make them feel so powerless. Think about how would you feel if you couldn’t access and utilize your own information? $50 million worth. Not only that, but stories are being written about how bad your problem is.


What they need is someone to introduce them to content management – someone who can help them get this under control.

Someone like IOS.

At IOS, we empower people through better access to information. That’s what IOS has always done, which is good because it’s becoming more critical every day. We believe our development approach is unique – mainly because it starts with us listening to the real issues and visions of real people. We understand that information is currency. We also understand that the smarter you are about managing it, the more confidently you’ll be able to move your organization into the future. Our expertise, gained over 40+ years, means we’ve probably seen your problem and developed a solution that removes the barriers keeping you from moving forward.

A couple of things I know for sure – if the State of Florida knew IOS, it would understand the value of managing its content effectively and efficiently. And, if it had a content management system, not only could they access the information, they could {gasp} manage it and void any more embarrassing press conferences.

It’s 2017. Call IOS.

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