IOS’ Scan to Zero

IOS’ Scan to Zero

Historically, nothing is apparently harder to imagine that you might think.

Despite being a Math Whiz culture, the Sumerians had no symbol for zero until 300 BC. The Mayans, another Math show-off civilization – good enough that the Inca’s would try to steal their answers on those Central American math quizzes – came up with it much, much later, around 350 AD. Even that later date put everyone else to shame where the concept of zero did not find its way to Europe until the 1100’s.

So, the concept of Zero, going from something to nothing, an absolute nothing, proved to be hard to describe, hard to notate, even harder to grasp. On some level is it still? Let’s find out…

Take a quick look at your monthly off-site box storage bill. If it is from IOS, you can figure out your costs in a nanosecond, for other box storage companies this will take a while. I will wait…

OK, we are back. Let’s say your bill is $1,000 per month. Let’s also say you want to emulate the Sumerians and want to get that amount to Zero. You like Zero. How do you do that?

If I remembered my algebra I would turn it into an equation but who’s kidding who, so let’s do it this way:

  1. You figure out your monthly spend with your current provider (who is also probably annoying)
  2. You call IOS and say you want “Scan to Zero.”
  3. IOS uses that exact money amount you are spending to set a budget for scanning these records.
  4. During the scanning process, IOS stores your records for free.
  5. IOS will even credit back the dreaded hostage fee you might have to pay over the conversion.
  6. Without your monthly budget going up you are scanning your way to having zero storage fees.

The concept of Zero apparently could not save a civilization, but today it can save you money and having to deal with some companies that never went to charm-school.

Think like a Mayan – Zero can be fun.

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