Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Creativity in the Air

By Brian Kopack

Still dealing with an Olympic hangover.

For a couple of weeks it was all-Olympics-all-the-time.  I was totally ok with that.

I love watching competition – especially Olympic competition.

Even for events that I only pay attention to a few days every four years, like Trampoline, I can’t not watch.  Note: If you haven’t seen competitive trampolining, what’s the matter with you?  I can explain it, but you really should see it for yourself.  It’s must see programming.

I think it would be the official sport of IOS.

Here’s why.  Same blueprint for success.

Trampoline and content management are both all about innovation and testing boundaries.

In trampolining, there is the jump and then there is what happens in the air – the magic.  What happens in the air is equal parts expertise and creativity and agility.  Not just anyone can do it.

In content management there is software and there is everything that happens during its configuration and implementation and integration that combine to create a competitive advantage, again equal parts expertise and creativity and agility – IOS’ special magic.  It takes a special group to pull all of that off.

The dilemma is businesses think their issues can be solved with just software – the jump.  They can’t.  What goes up always come back down.  The best software poorly implemented gets them nowhere – except back where they started.

Our approach has always been different.  Deliver ideas for today’s information management problems, personally and professionally, that prepare our customers to meet the challenges of the future confidently.

The information requirements of business today are constantly expanding.  As a result, the expectations for companies like IOS are high.  And, the margin for error is slim.
That’s where we excel.

There is a part in our epically created video featuring Fike Corporation where Fike explains that people and ideas and expertise make the difference – specifically IOS people and IOS ideas and IOS expertise.  Watch it here.

We understand that in any creativity-based activity, trampolining or content management, there really isn’t a finish line.  Innovation never stops.  There will always be something new, better, more impressive.  To be successful, you have to accept that and embrace the mindset that if you aren’t creating, if you aren’t testing the limits of what’s possible, you aren’t really learning, you aren’t growing.

Content management like we do it at IOS is dynamic because so are the needs of business.

I can explain it, but you really should experience it for yourself.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

With offices in five states, more than 500 installations and document scanning facilities that convert over five million pages a month IOS knows what it takes to solve your document challenges.

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