Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Really All About Trust

By Brian Kopack


We’re starting work on our next video.

Coming this spring.  Filmed in ... Featuring ...  Yeah, forget it.  We’re not even totally sure ourselves.
I think we always feel a little frazzled at this stage of the process while we wait for everything to magically fall into place.  We’re excited to share something new.  We’re nervous about the details.  We’re confident it will be great.  All at the same time.

The nervousness comes from wanting to be sure we tell our story authentically.  We want the final product to show real people doing real work to solve real problems.  Since we can’t meet everyone in person, our videos are our way for us to share who we are, what we do, how we think.  We understand content management isn’t the most video-friendly topic, so we do our best to be informative and interesting.

In a few of the videos we have on our site our story is told by our customers.  Take a look here, here and even here.  Check them out.  Different customers.  Different industries.  Different solutions.  Same IOS.

We enjoy those videos because they show our work has been impactful.  They show we’ve made a difference.  They show our customers know our work and, they were willing not only to make a recommendation, but to be a recommendation – on film.

Trust permeates each video.

What has been accomplished, sometimes over the course of years, is only possible because of who IOS is and how we approach our work.   Our people, our processes and our ideas challenge traditional information management practices.  That approach gives our customers confidence that each new idea moves them forward, closer to their best self.  That approach motivates action.

A new book, Presence, by social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, presents some interesting ideas on social dynamics.  You might recognize the name.  She has one of the most watched TED Talks ever.  One idea she discusses is that people/businesses evaluate relationships on two fronts: trust and competence. Selfishly, we think people will like us, respect us, if we are the best or the smartest.  That probably can’t hurt, but her research shows it’s more important for people first to be able to decide that they can trust you.

We totally agree.  Content management like we do it at IOS is all about trust.  We trust our people, our processes and our ideas.  Our customers do too.  

It’s the idea that matters.

Not products, not big names, not fancy propaganda, not highly-choreographed, canned demonstrations.

Great people - great process - great ideas – and trust.

That’s IOS

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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