Monday, July 20, 2015

Not Just a Catch Phrase

By Brian Kopack

Below is an excerpt from a message we received this morning.  (Some details have been omitted to protect the innocent.)

“We have just completed our upgrade …...  I cannot leave the office without telling you how much we appreciate the efforts of Kevin and Bill this evening.

We ran into a few challenges tonight and still have a couple of final tasks due to customized workflow of some of our departments.  It would have been impossible to overcome these challenges if not for the product knowledge, the experience and the can-do attitude of these two guys.  Tonight’s efforts were a great example of the difference it can make when a support team really knows its product inside & out and has the ability & attitude to make things work."

Completely unsolicited.  Absolutely appreciated.

We know great things aren’t accomplished easily.  Often, improvement is incremental.  In our world, when it’s easy to devalue patience, we know great ideas + hard work always carry the day.

It’s nice when that perspective is affirmed.

What comes through above is IOS at its best – expertise, creativity, agility.

It’s one thing for us to say “it”.

It’s way better when someone else does.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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