Monday, March 16, 2015

Cool Like Prince

By Brian Kopack

In entertainment, same as in business, achieving relevancy is hard.  Keeping it is even harder.  But being relevant – that’s cool.

Think back to high school.  Who / what from your high schools days is still relevant?

For me:  Prince

Prince is as relevant today as he was in the mid-80’s – and that’s a long time ago.

How? He’s ridiculously talented.  He’s consistently innovative.  His style is always evolving.

He isn’t the artist that gets popular and then milks that popularity into obscurity.  One day, sold out arenas.  Next day, two-for-one tickets at the county fair.

Prince is the guy that grabs attention whenever he appears because everything he does is relevant.  Movies.  Time Most Influential List.  Super Bowl halftime shows.  We just expect him to be great.  That’s cool.

What’s the Prince-ly lesson about staying relevant in business?

Be great.  Be original.  Be adaptive.  People like that.

In IOSspeak, that’s:  Be Expert.  Be Creative.  Be Agile.

We have to be because in information management, status quo is the death knell. Keep doing what you’ve always done because that’s all you know how to do.  Wake up one day – and you’ll be irrelevant – or gone.  History books are filled with those stories.

We couldn’t be where we are after 40+ years if we settled for “good enough” for ourselves or our clients.

What we do may change.  How we do it may change.  Why we do it won’t change.

We know the world runs on information.  That’s what is at the center of everything we do - document conversion, content management systems, intelligent records storage, or custom development.  We’re focused on getting the best information to people who need it at the right time to make better decisions.  In our own way, we help the world run smarter.

That’s cool.  That’s IOS

Of all the honors Prince has received in his life, I bet he never expected to be the feature of the 1st blog posted on new IOS website.  We are excited about launching it.  We think you’ll love it.  We’ve been telling you for a long time that it’s the idea that matters.  We think the new site tells that story better.  The refresh highlights everything we’ve been doing to move business forward and presents it in what we think is a more engaging, more intuitive and more personal style.  Enjoy the new content.  Check out the new videos.  Let us know what you think.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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