Monday, February 16, 2015

The Trane Don't Wait

By John Trimble

There is a wonderful true story about jazz great John Coltrane. Nicknamed “Trane” he is considered the greatest tenor saxophonist to have ever lived. By the mid 1960’s he had mastered and exhausted the melodic variation in his soloing and had moved to a more atonal approach. Listening to John Coltrane’s decidedly non-melodic soloing during his quartet’s set one night at the Village Gate in New York City were two famous jazz players, one remarking “I can’t really get where the Trane is coming from”.

The perfect reply was immediate: “Well, you know, the Trane don’t wait.”

Neither John Coltrane nor the metaphorical train of progress waits. They are leaving the station with or without you.

So when we wait, when our companies wait, reluctant to change, hesitant to innovate, thinking there will be time to catch up at some point we have to admit that we don’t even know how many departures we have missed, how far we are really behind. And who exactly do we need to catch up to?

The answer – disagreeable to the extreme – is that if you are still just thinking about process change, process reinvention and automation there is about a decade of train track to make up. What’s worse? Track time is linear but the effects of change, the distance, the advantages that improvements create are non-linear. Ideas and their results don’t move at track time. The impact of process improvement with workflow, analytics, mobile access, etc. speeds up and makes the delta even more pronounced between those companies who are moving and those still waving from the station.

In motion versus stationary…Coltrane versus the hundreds of more traditional players whose limited vision rendered them nameless…advantages versus disadvantages that can no longer be measured.
The good news is that there is still time to propel yourself into the future. IOS can help reduce that giant head start by showing you what so many companies have done already...and why.

IOS can help put you and your ideas in motion…because the Trane don’t wait.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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