Monday, December 15, 2014

Waiting is for Suckers

By Angela Childs

I recently bought the latest version of Adobe Photoshop except saying “bought” isn’t really accurate and “latest version” isn’t either.  I pay a monthly subscription for Photoshop.  The monthly subscription gives me access to the latest version, which is upgraded regularly (about 3 times a month).  I never have to wait for new features.

Financially it was the right move and technically it was the right move.  In three years, assuming everything stays the same (current price a copy of Photoshop vs. what I pay monthly) I’ll have paid as much for my subscription as I would have a full copy and still not own it.   But three years from now owning a 3 year old copy of Photoshop would have almost the same value as not owning one since technology years are like dog years.  I also really, really like new stuff so the idea that I always have the latest/greatest feeds my addiction.

One of the content management systems we offer, FileBound, offers a subscription-based model for both their hosted and premise based options.  They have the same smart design that Adobe has.  You buy only what you need, have access to all the latest and greatest, and quickly and easily scale up as you need to.  We expect to see a similar trend in the other systems we offer.

As Jay-Z said, loiterers should be arrested.  Change isn’t a burden or a luxury of those with the time to plan.  It is a necessity.  In technology, what’s old will never be new again.

If only there was someone who knew what was out there and what others were doing.  If only there was someone that would come in and help you find a better way.

Are you sitting down?  There totally is someone.  IOS.  We spend every day helping business use their information better, automate processes, error-proof operations, and tighten controls for audits.

Your 2015 shouldn’t look like your 2014.  We can help.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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