Monday, December 22, 2014

This Time with Feeling

By Brian Kopack

We filmed the next installment in our video series.  Look for it sometime in early January.  Admittedly, I am biased, but it should be pretty great.

“Make it personal.” That’s what I heard a few times.

Normally, I would shrug a comment like that off pretty easily.  What does that even mean?

This time, I paid attention.

It’s exactly what’s missing from the information management discussion.

It’s not about hardware or pages-per-minute or modules or concurrent users.  It never really should have been.  If you purchased all of those things and still ended up with the same problem - the human element was most likely missing.  It wasn’t personal.

Technology is complex.  Corporate structures and processes are complex.  Collaboration and personal interaction is what makes the connection, makes the complex simple.  It’s what gives the technology perspective.

At IOS, we’ve been telling you that everything we do revolves around the belief that it’s the idea that matters.  That’s because we know business.  We know technology is just the buttons you push.  It’s not why you push the buttons.

To save time, to create efficiency, to reduce risk, to make better decisions – those are reasons to push the buttons.  Empowering people through better access to information - give the button pushing a purpose, that’s what IOS does.  That’s really what IOS has always done, it’s just becoming more critical than ever before.

We believe our development approach is unique – mainly because it starts with us listening to the real issues or visions of real people.  Since we aren’t selling a “thing”, our expertise allows us to be creative and responsive in the context of the true need.  It allows us to be a what-you-need-is-what-get partner.

Too often it seems that the information we don’t have is what holds us back.  The old adage is, “If I only knew then what I know now.”

Welcome to IOS.  Now you know.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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