Monday, November 17, 2014

Information Therapy

By Brian Kopack

10 to 15 minutes twice per day.

I spend at least that much time thinking about how IOS uses information.  I think about what we need, craft where we will get it and fret about how much effort it will take.  In that respect, IOS is just like every other business.

It helps me to create out loud.  It gives me a chance to hear what I’m thinking.  If I can’t explain it, I probably don’t know exactly what I want.

My year-and-a-half, part Golden Retriever-part dinosaur (Champ) is a good sounding board.  He hears every word during our walks.  It is a pretty safe bet that he is as well-versed in content management as any dog anywhere.

Hearing is one thing.  Listening is another thing.  Being able to offer a clear vision to solve a problem is completely next level.

If I had to rely on Champ to solve my problems, I probably would need therapy.  He hears me but he can’t solve problems.  He’s a dog.

No worries.  I’m usually not concerned about the finding answers I need because I know we have great people at IOS.  Great people who understand that above all, the idea matters.  If I explain the issue and opportunity well enough, smart people will do what you would expect smart people to do – come up with a great idea – an idea that saves time or saves money or improves a process to make IOS better.

Businesses know they can be better.  They want to be better.  They just don’t know how.  That makes the pain more real.

It is totally illogical that technology is everywhere creating unimaginable opportunities but businesses are still lost.  So, they settle for doing the same thing the same way and getting the same result – frustration.

They don’t have anyone to talk to.  They don’t have anyone who will listen to what they need.  They don’t have anyone who can create and deliver ideas that matter.

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the best answer – especially who to talk to for help.  Often, it is right in front of you the whole time – like the answer just jumped off the page.

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