Friday, August 1, 2014

Ideas Aren't Commodities

By Brian Kopack

Think about how you manage your information.  How does it make you feel?


I bet it depends on how you purchased the system(s) you use.  Did you buy a thing or an idea?  Ideas don’t show well in big-time PowerPoint presentations, so my guess is you bought a thing.  Most likely, something expensive that does everything except what you need it to do most right now.

Think about it like this:

Say you bought a lake cottage.  You notice the stuck window and peeling paint.  You have a list of stuff you have to do to get it “fixed”.  Problem is, as soon as you fix that stuff, you notice more stuff - the roof is leaking and the dock is sagging.  Panic sets in because it will soon be time to close it up for the winter.

You bought a thing.

Now say you bought the same cottage for what it brings you: quiet, calmness, escape.  Now the window doesn’t seem as stuck and the paint peeling can wait a while.  You make the repairs so you can get back to relaxing.  In fact, the repairs don’t seem like work.  They probably help you relax more because you’ve restored some order to your little piece of the universe.  Your effort isn’t burdensome, it’s liberating.

You bought an idea.

Back to the original question.

Congratulations, you bought a great system (thing) that doesn’t do what you want and you don’t know how to make it do what you need.  How do you feel?

You feel frustrated by the extra work you have to do to work around your system’s limitations.

You feel trapped because you spent a ton of money and now you are stuck with a mediocre purchase.

You feel embarrassed because you forgot the power of technology doesn’t come from pushing buttons to be able to do something – it comes from making the buttons do that which will allow you to be more of something: smart / efficient / accurate / audit-ready / whatever.

Without the idea, all you have are menus and drop-down lists.

Ideas make the magic happen.

At IOS, everything we do is based on the simple philosophy that it’s the idea that matters.

Anyone can sell software features.

We won’t ever be just anyone.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

With offices in five states, more than 500 installations and document scanning facilities that convert over five million pages a month IOS knows what it takes to solve your document challenges.

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