Monday, June 16, 2014

It Would Only Be Strange If It Wasn't True

By Brian Kopack

At IOS, we often talk about how a single content management solution won’t be perfect for all companies, but content management, if designed and implemented properly, will be a perfect fit for every single company.

To illustrate, check out this little game.  Mix and match a selection from each of the lists A, B & C and then read the sentence you created.

Our (insert from List A) department is wasting a ton of (insert from List B) managing all of the (insert from List C) we have to process each day.

List A                                          List B                                    List C
Accounts Payable                     time                                      repetitive transactions
Regulatory/Compliance          effort                                      increasing complexity
Credit/Collections                    money                                   overwhelming volume
Human Resources                  employee potential            internal requests

Whatever the combination it probably describes a lot of your days doesn’t it?  It’s crazy I know.

There is no trick to this, I promise.

We’ve done it for so long, it just seems like we can read your mind – like we know the answers before you even ask the question.

All we do is empower business by helping solve information management problems.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

With offices in five states, more than 500 installations and document scanning facilities that convert over five million pages a month IOS knows what it takes to solve your document challenges.

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