Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dear Professional Services...

By Angela Childs

Dear PSG, 

In the past you’ve specialized in system conversions, is that still true?  


Buried Under Outdated Systems 

Dear Buried,

System conversions continue to be a big part of what we do for our customers, for other companies like IOS, and for software companies like MedHost.  We have 7 in-progress right now:

  • ImageRight to OnBase
  • FileNet to OnBase
  • ImageNow to OnBase
  • BlueWare to MedHost eArchive
  • ODS to OnBase
  • Alchemy to Oracle Stellent
  • Oracle Stellent to OnBase
Typically we employ a multi-phase approach to help with the transition to the new system.

  • Phase 1:  On the first conversion date, IOS collects everything in the current system at that moment in time. Those documents are converted into the format needed for the new target system.  Once that new system is in place, those phase 1 documents are imported so when training occurs, all of the phase 1 documents are there.  
  • Phase 2:   Once users go live on the new system, content in the old system is frozen and we start phase 2.  This is when we collect the new documents (those added between phase 1 and when the system was frozen) and the same conversion steps are followed, ending with the import into the new system.

This two phase helps with the training, eases the transition for go-live, and shortens the window during which users would need to search two systems for their documents.

When you’re ready to get “unburied” give us a call.  Even if you don’t see the system you need to convert from in the list above, odds are we’ve either done it or can do it.  Take a look at the full list.



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