Friday, May 2, 2014

Waiting for Take Off

By Brian Kopack

I have been traveling my share lately.

Travel enough and you are assured of a lot of things: early mornings, long lines, expensive food, that awesome TSA message about carry-on bags and….delays.

During my last delay (3 ½ hours in Dallas) I was so bored I sat for a while and watched the ticketing agent explain to one crabby person after another why the flight was delayed and when she thought we might actually leave.

Then I saw it.  Actually, I heard it. A dot matrix printer with an endless supply of continuous-feed paper attached to it.  It just kept printing and printing and printing.  Very strange.

Right there in the middle of this enormous, zillion dollar terminal was a dot matrix printer ripping through page after page.  Giant flat screens, restaurants, retail stores, massage chairs and a dot matrix printer.  Which of these just doesn’t belong here?  You can get through security with a fingerprint and board with a ticket on your smartphone, but they are using Mary Tyler Moore’s printer behind the desk.  Nice.

There are probably two different perspectives here.  Let’s explore.

Maybe you think it’s great this relic has found a way to stay relevant when everything around it has given way to evolution.


Maybe you can’t believe the printer is still around in the midst of all the progress.  Everything about it screams defeat, stuckness.

How you answer probably says something about you, but we’ll save the psychoanalysis for another time.

Now, imagine the printer is a metaphor for the content management systems you use in your business.  Are they old and out of date?  Has everything grown up around them?  Are they just sitting in the corner making noise?  If the answer to any/all of these is yes, why?

Even though change is difficult and scary, the alternative, doing nothing, is worse.  What could be more terrible than watching your business become irrelevant right before your eyes?

You can’t fear the future.  More data doesn’t mean less knowledge.  More technology doesn’t mean less control.  Being more connected doesn’t mean you have less freedom.  That’s urban legend created by people’s overactive sci-fi imaginations.

Think about it this way.  A little old makes you retro.  A lot old makes you antique.  Older than that and you are a museum exhibit.

Systems exist today that can create opportunities you probably never imagined.  State of the art technology combined with process automation can have a transformative effect on how you do business.

A little effort plus great advice from an expert partner is all that is standing between your business and the future.

If you commit to the effort, I know some experts.

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