Monday, February 10, 2014

Just Listen

By Brian Kopack

A couple of weeks ago, I met up at the Y with a guy I had run with occasionally.  We were both going through our post-workout routines.  At this stage of the game he is much younger and much faster.  Truth is, I have been running longer than this guy has been breathing. We chatted (lied) about plans for the year.  Then, he ran through a couple of stretches / exercises that I had never seen.  He explained why he does them and how they help him recover.  Since then, I’ve borrowed them and they absolutely do work.  

I’m embarrassed.  I don’t know how I didn’t know about them, but I didn’t.  Comfortable in my own smugness, I have done my thing for such a long time I stopped looking for anything better.

My running and your business might be similar.  

Stop me when this quits sounding familiar.  You’ve been successful for a while.  You’ve been through a lot of change and probably some adversity.  You’ve always made it to the other side.  You’re comfortable.

Thankfully, here is where your business and my running are dramatically different.

Unless I go all-Lance-Armstrong and find some pharmacological support, the best I can hope for is to age gracefully.  No technology exists can get me back to age 22 – the height of my superpowers.  

Your business, however, has infinite possibilities available to it.  Technology does exist that can make it bigger / faster / stronger.  All you need to do is talk to right people.


More and more, how you see and use your information projects your vision for the direction of your business.  Are you accumulating and forgetting?  Or, are you capturing and empowering?

Enterprise Content Management isn’t as brave a new world as you think.  

Intelligent Records Management

Automated Process Improvement

Collaborative Content Management

You never know what idea will lead to the breakthrough.  You just have to be willing to listen – and stop being comfortable being comfortable.  

Be greater.  Talk to the right people.

Monday, February 3, 2014

2013 Employees of the Year

Each year at IOS we come together to review the past year and to kick off the next one.    One part of this annual tradition is recognizing a person from our conversion services group, someone from our implementations/technical support team, and someone from sales to be the person of the year for each of those groups.  This year’s recipients were Vikki Medina, Darnell Taylor, and Amy Dolan.

Vikki Medina, Conversion Services

Vikki has been with IOS for 3 years and is the Production Manager for our Indianapolis facility.  She managed several large conversions in 2013 while simultaneously managing jobs for our daily, weekly and monthly customers.  She focuses on customer service, insuring that the customers get what they need in the format needed and in the time frame needed and insuring we have the right people working on the right tasks at the right times with the proper training.

She’s responsive, innovative, analytical, tech savvy and an all-around great person to have on the team and we appreciate all of her hard work and creativity.  Congratulations Vikki.

Darnell Taylor, Implementations/Technical Support

Darnell started working at IOS in 1994 as a conversion services employee operating a microfilm camera.  Soon he was working as a delivery driver and his attitude and work ethic was rewarded when he was promoted to supervisor of the warehouse.

Interested in learning new technologies, he enrolled in a local community college. With long hours of study and hard work, Darnell continued to achieve and was promoted into the position of Hardware Technician in the Indianapolis office. Darnell continued to learn new skills and put in the effort to move forward and before long he was assisting customers by providing technical support on a variety of software products.

Darnell was selected this year because of his performance, technical growth, attitude and leadership but clearly, with his drive to grow, 2013 was no exception.  Congratulations Darnell.

Amy Dolan, Sales

Amy joined IOS in 2008 working in our Kansas City office.  She didn’t immediately wow us by knocking down sales goals but she stood out because she always had excellent activity.  She’s good at and committed to getting into large corporations. Companies that IOS wants to do business with.  She’s tenacious, smart, and funny and it finally paid off this year when she stood out again as our sales person of the year.

Her progress and development should be instructive to all newer reps.  She did not inherit any accounts and she hasn’t been here forever.  She struggled like mad to get business in her first years and she protected herself and was insulated from circling the drain by her activity and her ability to be consistently in front of companies that IOS wanted as clients.

She wanted this, she set her sights on it and she has earned it.  Congratulations Amy.