Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Same Story, Different Day

By Beth Schrader

Every New Year we prepare ourselves in one way or another to “ramp back up.”  What does that mean, what does that look like?  Clearly, it’s different for each of us and obviously dependent upon which area of our lives we are referring.

To some of us, it means we set the typical cliché goals of personal betterment.  No, I am not saying those are futile and worthless because they are not.  I am a huge fan of goal setting.  But under the heading of “personal betterment,” the list can be daunting and at times, seemingly endless.  So where do we start?

Oddly, at IOS, we start right where we left off: with the customer.

Year-end is typically a whirlwind, and let me tell you, December 2013 was no different and may have even taken the proverbial cake.  Good problem to have.  Our customers called us last month with immediate needs, immediate funds which needed to be spent in order to avoid losing it faster than you can say Powerball, and an immediate time frame of by December 31st.

So what do we do?  We respond – same as we always do.

While the free-world is racing to beat the imaginary clock, at IOS we know we don’t have an expiration date.  IOS knows service and reliability are calendar-neutral.

IOS is about continuous improvement.  IOS is always about tomorrow – what’s next.

If we think about it that way, at IOS every day is like December 31st.

That’s pretty cool.

That’s IOS.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

With offices in five states, more than 500 installations and document scanning facilities that convert over five million pages a month IOS knows what it takes to solve your document challenges.

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