Monday, December 2, 2013

We're like the MapQuest of Content Management

By Angela Childs

When we’re working with someone on a new project, we can pretty much do whatever they want.  We have different capture and content management options so we can pick the best thing for each situation and not commit the sin of “Oh, would you look at that, that one thing we have is perfect for you.”  

We can also do pretty much whatever the project calls for because of all the different services we provide.   You want to scan, we’ll set you up.  You don’t want to scan, we’ll scan for you.  Want to set up a PO Box and have the mail come to us?  That works too.  Have us monitor an email account?  Okay.  Don’t want to scan unless you need something?  Got it. We’ll store the boxes and only scan what’s really being used.

So how do you decide what you should do?  Honestly, you shouldn’t have to.  Lean on an expert.    We’ve done a lot of different projects for a lot of different organizations in a lot of different verticals for a lot of different departments so we have a lot of experience and really diverse projects to draw from.  Each new project starts with the culmination of everything we’ve learned; each new customer benefiting from every one that’s come before.    That’s what an expert gets you.  You’re not starting from point A.  You’re starting way down the road with a pile of lessons learned and tested best practices.

We’ll look at where you’re starting from and where you want to be at the end; not how you want to get there.  We’ll uncover all the variables and how this project fits with your other initiatives, timeframes, budget, user diversity, etc. then we’ll tell you how to get there and why we’ve picked that route.  Just like MapQuest, more often than not, we’ll find a couple different routes for you highlighting the one we think is the best fit and why.

Options are good.  Options and recommendations are better.  

We’ve got you covered on both counts.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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