Friday, November 1, 2013

Be Cool. Create Value.

By Brian Kopack

“Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”  John Lennon

This season of the year is prime time for least anticipated of the business cycle's annual rituals: budgeting.  It’s the time of the year where everyone pulls out all of their data and pretends they know how to use it to predict the future.

The reality is, for most Finance departments, this time of year is purgatory.  It is either submitting next year’s budget, revising the original submission or resetting the quarterly reforecast.  Even with all of the information businesses have available, budgeting never seems to get easier or less annoying because (a) clairvoyance isn’t usually a prerequisite in Finance and (b) real life just happens.

You spend a ton of time creating a plan and guess what?  An employee leaves, you make an acquisition or you develop a new product.  Now you have more responsibility - more to get done, and guess what else?  You have less time to get everything done.  Good thing you have a budget that probably needs revising.

Forget about preparing a budget – invest in adding value instead.  How?  Eliminate.  Automate. Create.


Stop filling file rooms with paper files.  Stop wasting time requesting, returning and refiling paper documents.   Stop worrying about managing a document retention schedule.  There is an intelligent records management system available.  Store your boxes securely.  Receive requested files digitally and quickly.  Destroy old files timely.  IOS can do that.


Stop entering data from one page to another form or one system to another.  Stop walking reports around the department for approvals.  Stop keeping manual to-do lists.  Technology exists that can handle that for you.  Capture data from a form automatically.  Create a workflow to route forms around the company electronically.  Track required tasks in any process programmatically.  IOS can do that.


Stop wishing there was a better way.  Stop thinking you’ll get to it next month.  Stop saying, “If only we can figure out a way to……….”  What’s the objective - save money, save time, communicate better with other departments, save effort during audits?  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  IOS can do that.

Skeptical?  Check out our storybook.

IOS knows value creation.  We’ve been thought leaders in business improvement technology and services since before it was cool.

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