Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Story Behind The Stories

By Angela Childs

I was recently asked to do a client testimonial for Cantaloupe, the company that does our corporate videos.  Mentally preparing I’ve gotten into my "way-back machine" to try and remember what prompted us to start doing videos in the first place.

It all started when the company that did the design for our website, TBH Creative, gave me some other sites to look at for examples of some new thing we were thinking about trying with our site.  I don’t even remember what we were considering because I got completely sidetracked.

While looking at one of the sites, I noticed a section on the home page dedicated to the company’s videos.  Company videos are not something I’d ever been really impressed by or something I’d want to have IOS do.  Typically they’re super boring, way too long and/or so awkward that you feel sorry for the camera-stunned employee who has forgotten how to speak conversationally and move like a human.

I don’t know what made me watch.  It was either intriguing titles or that there were things I was supposed to be doing that invited procrastination; probably the latter.  Regardless, I watched the first video and my entire opinion about corporate videos changed instantly and, sadly, that thing TBH wanted me to consider fell off my to-do list.

Why?  The video was real.  I felt like I was truly getting a sense of the company and hearing their message.  Is their product or service something I need?  The videos would help me find out but I knew after the first video that I wanted to know more and I was starting to really like them.

The video, their marketing effort, reached a potential customer who heard their message, had a positive feeling towards them, and wanted to know more about a possible fit.   That’s the whole point so mission accomplished.

IOS is a B2B company, but it’s people who buy.  It’s people that we develop a relationship with.  Telling our stories in a very authentic way allows us to show who we are and what it is that has kept us relevant and successful in a business that has transitioned from movable shelving to truly innovative, high-tech solutions in content management and business process automation.

We’ve purposefully maintained a focus purely on content management and made a commitment to our employees and our current and future customers that whatever the best practices in content management become as technology advances we’ll be the experts.

Our videos give us a way to make a connection and, if we do it right, convey that commitment, our expertise, and the side of us that makes us fun to work with.  (Or…as fun as content management gets…)

We work with Cantaloupe because they are exceptional at what they do.  If we’re going to do something, we want to be good at it and working with an expert makes us good at it.  This is where we practice what we preach.  We want to focus on what we’re good at and avoid distraction and we want to the same thing for you.   When you’re ready to look like an expert with content management, we’re ready to make it happen.

Go ahead, give us your biggest problem.

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