Monday, August 26, 2013

Performance Enhancing iDea (P.E.D.)

By Brian Kopack

Performance enhancing drugs  are everywhere – maybe literally but definitely in the current public consciousness.  Lance.  Jamican and American sprinters.  Baseball players.  The intersection of sports, science (chemistry) and ethics makes for compelling debate.   At its core, the discussion boils down to humans will always want to be bigger, faster and stronger and do almost anything to make that happen.  When huge bucks are at stake, the risk reward analysis gets skewed.

Businesses are just like athletes – always looking for an edge.  They are forever looking to sell more, lower costs and to create lasting value.

In the business world today – electronic content management is a PED – which is great because it is what we are great at…and it is legal.

Businesses have a choice when deciding how to manage information – the old-world way of working around a problem, or the brave, new-world way of embracing technology to create value.

Capture      Maintain      Access      Route

As a business, if you can decide what information is important to you and how best to use that information, you are ahead of game.  If, through your process you can make the information create value in terms of faster decision making, elimination of redundant tasks, unleashing the power of your collaborative workforce, you become bionic.

Focus        Efficiency       Value

An electronic content management system can revolutionize how you see your business - allowing you to concentrate on working on your business instead of in your business.  Having your information readily available, in a format that is understandable and relevant allows for better decision making.  Better decision making equals power.  Mission accomplished.

Would embracing electronic content management as a PED improve your business? ABSOLUTELY

Would it be helpful if you knew an expert who could help you through the process?  POSITIVELY

Now you do.

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