Wednesday, June 26, 2013

IOS Expands into the St. Louis Market: Delighted but not "Excited"

By John Trimble

It is very difficult for a technology company to decide when it is the right time to expand into a new geographic area. There are a lot of considerations; the primary one being does that new market really need our products, services, skill-sets and whatever passes for our somewhat questionable brand of charisma.

After considering this for over two years; monitoring our growing client base in the St Louis area despite not having a physical presence there, taking stock of the companies that are there already who kinda -sorta do what we do, it was decided that now was as good a time as any.

What also helped tremendously was that we knew an individual who has been active in that space for years and years. Someone who had long term relationships with clients that we could help, who knew specifically what was lacking from existing St Louis providers in terms of offerings. So we happily brought David Nemerov on-board as of June 10th.

The other piece was pure geography. St Louis is an exact equidistant destination between our offices in Indianapolis and in Kansas City. This now neatly links our offices, a veritable Chisholm Trail dotted with IOS document imaging outposts.

 I can safely use the Chisholm Trail analogy because no one I know actually remembers from their history class where the Chisholm trail really was. And no fair Wikipedia’ing it – that only cheapens the discourse.

However, I won’t say we are “excited” because that word is so overused in business communication today that is now officially white noise. As in “we are excited by the opportunities that being that being taken over in a hostile takeover brings, we are excited by the challenge of emerging from bankruptcy, we are excited  that you care enough about our new software release  that you have found over 500 bugs and counting in the first 30 days alone …enough. That word is dead to me.

No, I won’t say excited but I will say that we are delighted  to be in St Louis and are anxious to discuss our imaging systems, our Professional Services, our document scanning, our post modern and unique approach to hard copy storage. Delighted?  Absolutely.
Wednesday, June 19, 2013


By Brian Kopack

The IOS team had nationally-recognized Eve Mayer, CEO, Social Media Delivered, in to teach us
about social media.  What it is, why it is critical, how we should be making it work for us.  She was FABULOUS.  She presented with energy.  She was easy to follow. She made everything seem simple.  Maybe too simple.

Sitting through the session on day two, it hit me.  Listening to Eve dissect our business, I understood a little about what our potential customers might feel when they first talk to us.  Fear.

New ideas, new technology, new communication, a challenge to our status quo.  What’s not to be nervous about?

Eve talking to us about a plan for our blog or Twitter is probably like IOS talking about electronic records management or a paperless document approval process.  I understand the concepts.  Great ideas that we probably need, but they are different and probably hard to implement and they might not work, and I will look foolish for recommending them, and…….

The world is changing at hyper-speed.  The rate of innovation is staggering.  The power of technology is creating seismic shifts in how quickly we leverage ideas to create real value.  Recognizing that is easy.  Embracing it is not.

Being courageous isn’t the opposite of being fearful.  Being courageous is the power to act in spite of fear.

Toward the end of the session, I got over it.  Put my reservations aside and committed to moving forward.  Why?  I know the plan we put together is solid.  We can execute it well.  We have experts helping.

Where could I have learned that?

IOS customers.

For more than forty years, customers have trusted IOS to deliver state-of the-art solutions that promote their businesses forward.  Why?  We are experts - at analyzing issues - at developing solutions - at delivering value.

Experts at removing barriers to business – even fear.
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Can't Wait to Get There

By Angela Childs

Without my trusty GPS buddy (my name for my Garmin), I wouldn’t be able to find my way anywhere.  I exaggerate but only a little.

Is this a sad commentary on how dependent on technology we’re getting as a society?  I say no.  I say this time is AMAZING.  Our kids don’t know any better but we do.  Everyday I find myself looking forward to the next thing and wondering how we’re going to be able to make that thing, whatever it is, improve the lives of our customers.

We’re a company that started in 1972 and our high-tech was movable shelving.  The bellbottoms and mustaches weren’t the only things that were cool.  You don’t know cool until you’ve seen a Lextriever.

I take time out now and again to be impressed that this company, of which I’ve only been a part of for 14 years, has embraced each new thing with “How do we master it?” and “How do we use it the most effectively for our customers?”

I’m excited that we’re using tablets and smart phones with our workflows.  I love that integration with DocuSign lets us extend your visibility into a business process beyond your organization.  I’m proud that with our records storage business, when you need a file, we scan it and send you a link to view on the web.    I could go on and on and if you know me you’re nodding your head.

I’m on the edge of my seat and I wouldn’t have it any other way.