Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dear DocuSign, You won't believe this one...

By Brian Kopack

It isn’t a story I normally pay attention to.

Player released – contract faxed too late.  What?
Again, a professional football player was released by his team because he faxed his signed contract to the team offices too late.   The player had trouble finding a Kinko’s in Miami where he could fax his contract. 


A contract worth $20+ million was faxed from a Kinko’s.  Read that again, slowly.  It is 2013.  People still send faxes?  From Miami?

Am I surprised a professional football player doesn’t know that the technology exists for documents to be signed digitally and transmitted electronically?  Nope.  Am I surprised a professional sports agent doesn’t know about the same technology?  Absolutely.  Signed contracts are his business and besides, football players are really big people who get paid to collide with other people.  It is in his best interest to know.

I don’t know that I can get to the agent to tell him about DocuSign.  If I could, I would tell him how great the technology is.  How safe and secure it makes doing business.  That his business needs it – a lot.

Here is an open invitation to meet me in Miami.

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