Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unrecognized Heroes

By Brian Kopack


Lately, control has seemingly been elusive.  Superstorm Sandy brought chaos and continues to stress the Northeast.  Election 2012, its run-up and its remnants brought different uncertainties and issues. 

We spend a lot of energy trying to either stay “in” control or keep from getting “out” of control. 

We equate control with success, with power.

In business, the same holds.  And, of everything a business needs to control, information is the most critical.  In information management, control denotes reliability.

Of all of the benefits of a comprehensive document conversion and records management program, control over information doesn’t grab the headlines.  At the party, control is usually the “+ 1 guest” of efficiency, security and cost effectiveness.   Businesses can’t put a value on control – only on not having it.

In business, heroes recognize the importance of controlling the controllable.  Imaging Office Systems is expert at creating heroes – in information management.

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