Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jim Reed Tapped to Oversee Records Management

Jim Reed, Director of Customer Service, has managed IOS's hardware and software support teams for many years.  Under his guidance, the teams support multiple hardware and software products for our installations in 31 states as well as Ireland,  Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Costa Rica.  His experience handling customer needs with a robust product set with a distributed team covering a large territory make him a natural fit as IOS looked to offer the same level of responsiveness to our records management customers.

New installations and training projects were transitioned from Jim to IOS's Professional Services Group to free time for him to lend his expertise as IOS continues to grow the records management arm.  He now oversees the facilities, records storage operations, on-demand web access site, certified destruction services, and the entire team from warehouse personnel, technical support, request fulfillment, and project management.

We're excited that Jim’s demonstrated talents in customer service, as well as his background in training and program development, will benefit records management like they have software and hardware support.

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