Monday, July 2, 2012

"It's Hard Copy Box Storage on line 1. They're calling to apologize."

By John Trimble

Box Storage companies until recently are like the guy who shows us at an AA intervention meeting with a cocktails cart and informs the assembled that there is a two drink minimum. They are enablers.

The mission of modern Records Management is to move at whatever speed possible away from paper…beyond paper. There is no issue with long term hard copy storage per se, it fulfills a very necessary function. The problem involves storage companies that have not moved past old world, 1950’s methods of fulfilling retrieval requests by merely schlepping boxes back and forth.

This is not green, this is not progressive or even modern nor even remotely efficient in either cost or time. In fact it is extremely slow and expensive.

But because this is where so many storage companies make their money this delivery method is preferred (hence the enabling and the owed apology) because they can nickel and dime their clients to death.

Old world storage companies (particularly those that mix metallurgy with glaciers) charge for the box pull, they charge for the physical delivery and subsequent return to the facility, they charge for the refiling of the box or file. They charge for the reporting of that box movement and they charge if you pull out that box early.
It is bad file management and it is a bad deal for the client.  Financially benefiting from enabling the paper addiction is bringing cocktails to rehab -  it’s also bad juju.

Progressive hard copy storage companies such as IOS tend to come from an imaging and scanning skill set background with those disciplines and protocols firmly in place. Our value proposition and R.O.I. is quite simple: store it and when you need it request it electronically and quickly receive back the scanned images you need. All secure, all SAAS 70 compliant and no boxes or files being shuffled back and forth, it sounds almost…modern.

And yes, someone should be apologizing to you, so take that call on line one.

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