Monday, June 4, 2012

Sometimes It's More Than A Document

By Brian Kopack

Some people just can’t understand.  Some think it’s creepy.  Others find it offensive.  I think cemeteries are a great place to run.  In the winter, the roads are usually cleared of snow before the city streets and all of the old trees are good shelter from the wind.  In the summer, you get shade from those same trees and there is usually water available.  And year-round, it’s quiet – really quiet.

Except on holidays. 

We observed Memorial Day last month. For one day at least, the local cemetery had a good deal of activity.  Several aged men in full uniform converged for a memorial to all of the fallen service people.  Flags, flowers and music were everywhere.  I didn’t mind sharing the place for a little while, but I have to admit to feeling a bit like an intruder while I cruise the perimeter of the grounds just watching the goings-on.

Coincidentally, later that day I had an opportunity to talk with a member of the cemetery’s Board of Directors.  He explained that the Board had decided to archive the cemetery’s records and he asked that Imaging Office Systems help.  We talked briefly about the process to go from their index-card record keeping system to an electronic archive.

Converting documents isn’t new to Imaging Office Systems.  Helping our customers be more efficient and secure, we handle millions of images per month, and have for years.  Banking documents, government documents, quality documents, commercial documents – we have probably seen it all.  This project wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary.

But it seems different somehow – probably because of what the records represent.

Those index-cards aren’t just records – names and dates.  They are memories.  They are history.  Simultaneously - courageous, heroic and tragic.  And even though they are about more than Imaging Office Systems will ever to be able to capture with a scanner and software, it’s exactly why the preservation is necessary.

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