Thursday, May 24, 2012

Information Management - An Olympic-esque Effort

By Brian Kopack

I love the Summer Olympics.  Not the Ballroom Dancing / Rhythmic Gymnastics / professionals-turned-amateurs-for-two-weeks part of the Games - the pure competition in the individual, “as the Games were intended” sports – swimming, boxing and running.  I am captivated by everything that goes into the effort it takes to prepare for that singular moment of competitive greatness.

What’s it take to be an Olympian?  Attention to minor details, the willingness to change to improve and the courage to chase the extraordinary.

What’s it take to be “Olympic caliber” in information management?  Exactly the same things.

Doing the little things to be successful every day, every month, every year isn’t sexy.  It’s just necessary.  Regulatory requirements are everywhere and ever-expanding.  So how do you streamline compliance?  With a customized, records management program you can store your records, hard copy or electronic, securely, access them quickly and allow technology to monitor retention. 

Paper to microfilm to digital images.  Mainframes to personal computers to tablets and the Cloud.  Information management isn’t like fashion where what’s old eventually becomes “new” again.  Holding on to “the old way” doesn’t make you better.  It makes you irrelevant.  New, best practices in data capture, retrieval and dissemination allow you the flexibility to evolve without sacrificing your company’s character and values.

Optical character recognition, business process outsourcing and workflow customization – all business elevating ideas.  Sound complicated?  Maybe.  Excellence doesn’t just happen.  Technology exists, so does the ability to harness its power to move your company forward.  Successful athletes / businesses have to decide if they are more afraid of success or failure. 

The future belongs to the bold.

Be extraordinary.

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