Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crushing on DocuSign

By Angela Childs

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve used DocuSign to sign everything – scope documents, partner agreements, contracts, etc.  I find it ridiculously convenient.  

When you boil it down, my job is basically finding the most efficient way to do things.  I learn how a department at a client is doing X and how it could be better.  I had a client recently describe me as a “business therapist” which I have to say I loved.  When I dive into one of these projects it’s to find the thing or things that will make a real difference to that client and business therapy is exactly how I’d want them to think of it. 

Back to DocuSign…

The work we do for clients is all over the map.  It all depends on what they need and that can be really different from one client to the next.  For Crate & Barrel, we helped them automate their freight bill auditing so they could catch errors before they paid instead of continuing to pay their freight bill auditing company to tell them what they overpaid (for a fee) and send them a refund.   For Cook, they wanted us to design a global approval system.  They wanted workflow that handled requisition creation/approval, receiving functions, and invoice entry and approval that would work throughout the US and Europe.  The resulting product allows for variations in currency, allows them to tick and off which fields are required from country to country, and set approval levels with the system automatically doing currency conversions to determine approvers.

These projects, like most that we do, start with a client vision and then our job is to flesh them out and make them a reality. 

WHAT ABOUT DOCUSIGN?  I really was going somewhere with all this.  I want to find a client with a vision that needs DocuSign.  I’ll keep looking.  It’s going to make someone really happy someday I just need to find the right fit at the right time. 

Have some ideas?  I need to hear them.  Click my name on our Meet the People page and send me an email. 

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