Monday, March 26, 2012

FileBound Announces Appointment of IOS to Inaugural Executive Partner Council

By Perry Boe, Marex Group, Inc.

Lincoln, NE – Marex Group, developers of the FileBound Office Automation Solution, announced today the appointment of Imaging Office Systems to its first ever Executive Partner Council.  The Council will serve as a trusted advisor to the FileBound Executive team in matters of product, marketing, sales and strategy.  The initial meeting of the council will be held at the FileBound International Partner Conference in Las Vegas on April 4th

Other members of the 2012 council include; Select Imaging, Kansas City, Mo; InStream, Inc., Nashville, TN; Information Management Systems, Fulton, MO; eDocument Solutions, Irvine, CA; All Copy Products, Denver, CO; FileBound Australia, Kedron, Australia and Tallega Software, Irvine, CA.

In making this announcement, Dan Yount, FileBound President, said “Imaging Office Systems was selected based upon their high-level of professionalism and sustained record of success in helping businesses and organizations implement solutions that automate their processes to improve results.  We are honored to be associated with such a top-caliber group of professionals and look forward to sharing and learning together.”

About FileBound
FileBound is developed and distributed globally by Marex Group Inc., a dynamic privately held corporation with business interests in the document and content automation space.  Marex Group develops, delivers and supports solutions focused on innovation, a commitment to excellence and affordability.

The FileBound team has a proven track record of developing applications that have been implemented by organizations of all sizes around the globe. Our mission is to continually leverage technology innovations and market feedback to build leading solutions that solve today's management challenges and ensure the growth and success of our customers and business partners.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

IOS's Salesperson of the Year also Honored by Community with 40 Under 40 Selection

By John Trimble

Beth Schrader, IOS’s Salesperson of the Year for 2011, has also been selected for the prestigious 40 under 40 Award by the greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly.

This recognition honors men and women under the age of 40 who are helping to shape the future through their business and community involvement.

“They are leaders today and are sure to be part of the next generation that make the Greater Fort Wayne area an outstanding region to live and work.”

Beth Schrader will be honored at the 40 under 40 Dinner on Wednesday March 21st.

Beth received the Imaging Office Systems’ Salesperson of the Year Award at the IOS Annual dinner and reception on January 16th in Indianapolis.
Thursday, March 8, 2012

Russ Mellnick Named as IOS's 2011 Tech of the Year

By Jim Reed

On January 16, 2012 Imaging Office Systems held our annual kick off meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each year one employee from the Service Department is recognized as being the Technician of the Year based on performance, technical growth, attitude and leadership.

This year, Jim Reed, Director of Customer Service, was very pleased to announce that 2011's recipient was Russ Mellnick from our Rolling Meadows, Illinois office. Russ has been with IOS for 25 years. He has assisted on several occasions rolling out a new product lines for IOS and has maintained the skill sets we need for today’s support environment. Russ started as a hardware technician and with education and untold hours of personal time has crafted the technical and people skills that we here at IOS are very happy to have on our staff.

He and his wife Julie have two children, Becky, who is attending Eastern Illinois University, and Mark, who is attending Geneva High School. Russ’s hobby’s are computers, good for us, and Martial Arts.

Congratulations Russ! Lead on…
Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet George Jetson...

By John Trimble

OK, so the Jetsons never arrived and are way overdue. That is unfortunate. On the other hand, Mad Max and roving gangs are not out there ready to do unspeakable things for cans of gasoline, so we have that going for us. The two show biz versions of the future, predicted decades ago are both seemingly missing in action. Yet…

The future is both here and it’s not. Your iPhone talks to you but your filing cabinet does not. It might  make a mechanical squeak complaint of too much weight and paper wedged in but that doesn’t count

But through process automation our clients’ present must look like the future to so many companies.

Depending on where you are at, your future is someone else’s past, your present is someone else’s future. This is true for people, for countries and societies (the easiest to picture) but it is especially true for companies and corporations. Of course now people and corporations are legally one and the same and no, I am not going there.

This is where I am going:  how can similar and seemingly effective companies differ so much on how in the “present” or what some would say in the “future” they want to be.  Maybe it is culture, maybe it is budget or a bad taste left over from a technology project that boondoggled in 1982, I don’t know.

Clients who have automated their paper processes with document imaging and forms recognition really can be the Jetsons, happily cruising over the barren post-Australian landscape from high altitude looking down on Mad Max gangs, as they hold out and battle the future… “I will give up this paper invoice when you take it out of my cold dead hand” or something like that.

Maybe we all get the “Future / Present” we need. Maybe you and your company have the luxury of time, the luxury of being slow that other companies do not. Maybe… The only end game here is time; moving beyond ‘time is money” (true but overused to the point of being meaningless) because if you can create time by removing the wasting of time you have done an amazing thing.

 Your present can be your competitor’s future…not a bad place to be.

“Meet George Jetson…”

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